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Building road maps and connecting your organization with Hispanic consumers is second nature to us.  We have successfully navigated the challenges (internal & external) companies encounter; we have learned best practices to succeed in the multicultural arena while keeping rigorous measurement on KPI’s and maximizing ROI.

360° HISPANOCONNECT Five Step Methodology

Setting a Market Roadmap

We start with understanding the opportunity. What’s the competitive landscape? Which segment is most relevant? And is building relevancy with the Hispanic segment a sound investment and decision for your company?

Strategic Alignment and Operational Capabilities

While the journey begins with setting a market roadmap, the story begins with strategic alignment and understanding whether Hispanic consumers are a sustainable source of today and tomorrow’s corporate growth. We’ll help your team gain C-suite support, engage stakeholders and evangelize findings and strategies across your organization. Success also hinges on exploring, developing and growing your company’s overall operational readiness to build relevancy with Hispanic consumers.

Proving the Business Case

We’re adamant about thoughtful and strategic road mapping which is why proving the business case is a stand-alone step in our methodology. While we’re passionate about engaging with Hispanic consumers, our reputation is on the line and we’ll only do so if it’s there’s a real business case for your company to be relevant to Hispanic consumers. Our goal is to get you the greatest ROI and identify the right markets, sub segments, language mix and motivational drivers.

Growing Consumer Relevancy

It’s no longer just about media messaging and media placement, it’s about building out brand relevancy and a brand experience across the full suite of channels from grassroots to mobile to in-store. In the quest for the greatest ROI, it’s also about identify similarities and nuances with the general market, testing and learning and building out models that will drive revenue and profitability today and in the future.


Long Term Growth and Sustainability

Our goal isn’t to just drive today’s revenue. Our goal is to continue collaborating with you to drive tomorrow’s revenue growth. While our foundational strategic work informs and sets the platform for sustainability and growth throughout the years, the Hispanic segment continues to evolve and set trends which could be tomorrow’s new product opportunities not only for this segment but also for others.