Hispano Connect, a Raices Media Company, is  a results driven organization that specializes in building organizational infrastructure to support multicultural strategies and programs that increase reach within multicultural communities.

We specialize in providing in-culture solutions that are compelling and culturally relevant to the Hispanic Market and as a result, trigger a response.

Our goal is to design creative and innovative strategies that deliver successful, measurable and cost efficient results.

Being successful in the multicultural marketplace is not a tactic; it’s a long term strategy that needs to be aligned with corporate strategic objectives.  

At HispanoConnect we know where to start. You know your destination and together we’ll build the highway. As a multicultural strategy consultancy, building road maps and connecting your organization with Hispanic consumers is second nature to us.

Success with Multicultural markets requires three main areas:

  1. Culturally relevant marketing & communications
  2. Appropriate media outlets
  3. Diversity in the work place

At the heart of our work is our 360° Five Step Methodology.

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